Figure 8 of Kleiner, Mol Vis 2018; 24:647-666.

Figure 8. Inhibition of AP-1 activity alters NaCl-induced expression of various genes in RPE cells. The mRNA levels were determined with real-time reverse transcription (RT)–PCR analysis after stimulation of the cells for 6 h with high (+ 100 mM) NaCl, and are expressed as folds of the unstimulated control. AP-1 activity was inhibited with SR11302 (SR; 5 µM). The expression levels of the following genes were determined: HIF-1α, NFAT5, VEGF-A, bFGF, HB-EGF, PlGF, TGF-β2, NLRP3, COX-2, aquaporins 5 (AQP5) and 8 (AQP8), pro-IL-1β, and aldose reductase (AR). Each bar represents data obtained in five to eight independent experiments using cell lines from different donors. Significant difference versus unstimulated control: *p<0.05. ●p<0.05. n.s., not significant.