Figure 3 of Zhou, Mol Vis 2018; 24:560-573.

Figure 3. Systemic manifestations of patients with mutations in COL2A1 or COL11A1. A: Frontal and profile facial images of HM849II6. A flat midface with a depressed nasal bridge, a short nose, and micrognathia can be seen in HM849II6. B: Oral photographs of HM820I2 and HM842I1. A cleft palate can be seen in HM820I2, while HM842I1 is normal. C: Hypermobility of the elbow. Hyperextension of the elbow joint can be seen in HM849IV2, while HM849III3 is normal. D: Valgus of the elbow. Valgus of the elbow can be detected in HM842II1 with a normal control beside it. E: Valgus of the knee can be seen in HM951II1 with a normal control beside it. F: Hip-joint X-rays of HM849II6 and HM820II1. The X-ray of HM849II6 shows femoral head necrosis, while the hip joint of HM820II1 is normal.