Appendix 8 of Shah, Mol Vis 2018; 24:127-142.

Appendix 8. Top 10 genes from VEGAS2 gene-based association test with ±50kb buffers for all Europeans.

Start and stop positions listed include ±50kb buffers. nSNPs: number of variants included in gene region. Test Statistic: gene-based χ2 test statistic to nSNPs degrees of freedom. P-value: obtained from Test Statistic and adjusting for LD between variants. FDR: false discovery rate (likelihood of gene association being a false positive result). Top SNP: variant within gene locus with strongest association signal from previous SNP-based association test. Genes shown in bold were also identified with MAGMA (Appendix 9). To access the data, click or select the words “Appendix 8