Figure 2 of Schroeder, Mol Vis 2018; 24:1-16.

Figure 2. Representative red-free and color fundus photographs of patients from the three groups. A and B: Patient 10 in group 1 shows subtle pigmentary irregularity in the macular region as in most patients in the group. C and D: Subject 24 in group 2 demonstrates a slightly pale optic disc, more widespread pigmentary changes in the posterior pole, as well as deep yellow flecks in the midperiphery; in this subject most apparent nasal and inferior of the optic nerve. More extensive flecks were encountered in some other subjects in the group. E and F: Patient 30 reveals a pale optic disc, narrow retinal vessels, extensive pigmentary changes in the macular region, and bone corpuscle pigmentations in the periphery.