Table 3 of Donahue, Mol Vis 2017; 23:987-1005.

Table 3. Enriched GO terms for genes occurring in optic nerve injury (ONI) and CNS neurodegenerative disease (ND) data sets are listed.

GO Term ES Genes
Positive Regulation of Apoptotic Cell Clearance 95.11 C2, CCL2, C4B, C3
Detection of Molecule of Bacterial Origin 60.53 TREM2, TLR1, C4B, TLR2
Response to Interferon-Alpha 49.93 IFITM3, IFITM2, IFITM1, AXL, OAS1
Positive Regulation of Antigen Processing and Presentation 39.16 TREM2, CD74, PYCARD, SLC11A1
Regulation of Complement Activation 26.01 C2, A2M, C4B, SERPING1, C3
Neuron Projection Regeneration 25.22 APOD, TSPO, GFAP, LAMC1, FAS
Regulation of Lymphocyte Migration 22.49 CXCL10, MSN, APOD, PYCARD, CCL2
Type I Interferon signaling pathway 21.14 IFITM3, IFITM2, IFITM1, IFI35, GBP2, OAS1, HLA-A
Complement Activation, Classical Pathway 20.81 C2, C1QB, C4B, SERPING1, C1QA, C1QC, C3
Interferon-Gamma-Mediated Signaling Pathway 19.02 ICAM1, MT2A, HLA-DQB1, TRIM22, GBP2, OAS1, FCGR1A, HLA-A