Figure 3 of Fang, Mol Vis 2017; 23:306-317.

Figure 3. The probe Psu is a highly sensitive genus-specific probe for diagnosing Pseudomonas keratitis. A: Comparison of standardized hybridization intensities between Pseudomonas keratitis (Psu BK; n = 13) and non-Pseudomonas keratitis, including non-bacterial keratitis (non-BK; n = 45) and non-Pseudomonas bacterial keratitis (non-Psu BK; n = 3) for the Pseudomonas-specific probe (Psu). B: Determination of the signal cutoff values of the probe Psu based on the two groups: Pseudomonas keratitis (n = 13) and non-Pseudomonas keratitis (n = 48). The cutoff values were obtained with a receiver operating characteristic (ROC) analysis. The inserted table summarizes the performance of the cutoff value of Psu to identify Pseudomonas keratitis. AUC, area under the curve; CI, confidence interval.