Figure 3 of Manes, Mol Vis 2017; 23:198-209.

Figure 3. Fundus imaging of patients with autosomal dominant cone dystrophy (adCOD) or macular dystrophy (adMD) and with GUCA1A mutations. On top of each picture, the family number, patient number in the family, age, and visual acuity in decimal values are indicated. OD, oculus dexter (right eye); OS, oculus sinister (left eye). Family MTP434, absence of foveal reflex in IV:3; perifoveal discoloration in IV:1; and large, round-shaped macular atrophy with sharp limits and few pigment deposits in the lesion in III:2. Family MTP1560, slight decreased foveal reflex in IV:1 and absence of foveal reflex in III:2 and in II:1.