Figure 6 of Wang, Mol Vis 2017; 23:160-170.

Figure 6. Ball-and-sockets (BSs) in 8-week-old lenses. A: BS (arrowheads) in 8-week-old wild-type (WT) lenses resemble those at 3 weeks. B: Connexin 50 (Cx50) knockout (KO) lenses have balloon-like structures (asterisks) that resemble BSs that are pinched at their base. C: Knock-in (Ki) lenses have BSs (arrowheads) and balloon-like structures (asterisks). D-F: Cx46 is enriched on BSs (arrowheads) but absent or nearly absent from balloon-like structures (asterisks). Images taken approximately 100 μm from the sample edge. Scale bar: 5 μm. G: Schematic of Cx46 (green) and F-actin (magenta) distributions relative to BSs and balloons in 8-week-old WT, Cx50 KO, and Ki lenses.