Table 3 of Ullah, Mol Vis 2016; 22:797-815.

Table 3. Single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) haplotypes of affected individuals in PKRP301, PKRP309, PKRP356, and PKRP367 harboring the c.1466A>G (p.K489R) mutation in TULP1.

Family Individual c.1466A>G rs12665445 rs7770128 rs12215920 rs34126023 rs7764472
Chr6: 35500039 Chr6: 35500262 Chr6: 35505901 Chr6: 35506296 Chr6: 35509796 Chr6: 35511797
PKRP301 14 G C T G T/C C
PKRP309 15 G C T G T/C C
PKRP356 10 G C T G T/C C
PKRP367 12 G C T G T/C C