Figure 6 of Simmons, Mol Vis 2016; 22:705-717.

Figure 6. Pou4f2Cre-mediated recombination within the brain. Cre-mediated recombination within the brain was assayed in the vibratome and cryosections of Pou4f2Cre/+ Ai9 mice. A–I: In the vibratome sections, reporter activity was detected throughout many regions of the brain. D’: High-magnification image showing the pyramidal cells targeted by Cre. J–Q: In the cryosections, reporter activity was found within retina ganglion cell axons projecting throughout the brain but was also found within neural cell bodies and neurites within the brain, within many different regions. Abbreviations: AHC = anterior hippocampus, AON = anterior olfactory nucleus, CC = cerebral cortex, CE = cerebellum, HC = hippocampus, HY = hypothalamus, IC = inferior colliculus, LGN = lateral geniculate nucleus, MB = mammillary body, NP = nucleus peduncularis, OC = optic chiasm, OT = optic tract, PO = pons, PT = pretectum, SC = superior colliculus, SCN = suprachiasmatic nucleus, SG = supracallosal gyrus, TH = thalamus. Scale bar in D’ = 50 μm. Scale bar in I = 2 mm. Scale bars in J–Q = 100 μm.