Figure 5 of Uribe, Mol Vis 2016; 22:658-673.

Figure 5. Intranuclear immunolocalization of POMGnT1 together with POMT1 and POMT2 in euchromatin regions of the 661W photoreceptors. Cells were doubly immunostained for POMGnT1 (A, green), POMT1 (D, green), or POMT2 (G, green) and the euchromatin marker H3K4me3 (B, E, H; red). Essentially, no colocalization was found between POMGnT1 and euchromatin (B, C). In contrast, extensive colocalization was found between POMT1 and euchromatin (E, F; yellow), and between POMT2 and euchromatin (H, I; yellow). Enlarged micrographs in C, F and I correspond to the boxed areas in panels B, E and H, respectively. Each bar equals 20 μm, except in C, F, and I: 10 μm.