Figure 1 of Uribe, Mol Vis 2016; 22:658-673.

Figure 1. Expression of POMGNT1, POMT1, and POMT2 at the mRNA and protein levels in the mammalian retina and in the 661W cell line of cone photoreceptors. A: Total RNA was extracted from the neural retina of the species indicated and the 661W cell line. Expression of mRNAs encoded by the three genes was assessed with reverse transcription (RT)–PCR using specific primers. B: Immunoblotting analysis of the expression of POMGnT1, POMT1, and POMT2 on total protein extracts from the neural retina of the species listed and the 661W cell line. C: Total (T), cytoplasmic (C), and nuclear (N) protein fractions from the mouse neural retina and 661W cells were obtained, and immunoblotting was performed using antibodies to POMGnT1, β-tubulin III (a control cytoplasmic protein), and lamin A/C (two control, related nuclear proteins). The molecular sizes of the DNA (A) or protein (B, C) bands obtained are indicated to the right of each panel.