Table 1 of Hull, Mol Vis 2016; 22:626-635.

Table 1. Clinical summary.

Patient (gender) Family number Age of onset Age last review Latest VA, (Snellen) Fundus features Age at last electrophysiology, key findings
1.1 (f) GC16236 <65 years 74 years R 20/200
L 20/80 Extensive areas chorioretinal atrophy anteriorly more than posteriorly, peripheral RPE hypertrophy Not performed
1.2 (m) GC16236 18 years 46 years R HM
L HM Extensive chorioretinal atrophy, some preserved anterior retina and well demarcated patches of posterior retina 33 years: rod cone dystrophy of moderate severity with marked involvement at the level of the RPE
2.1 (f) GC11527 45 years 87 years R HM
L PL Extensive chorioretinal atrophy with well demarcated areas of preserved anterior retina, peripheral RPE hypertrophy 86 years: very severe generalized retinal dysfunction of rods (undetectable) and cones
2.2 (m) GC11527 35 years 71 years R HM
L 20/160 Extensive chorioretinal atrophy sharply demarcated from preserved anterior retina, RPE hypertrophy Not performed
2.3 (m) GC11527 40 years 48 years R 20/40
L 20/30 Foveal vitelliform lesions Not performed