Figure 3 of Musada, Mol Vis 2016; 22:491-502.

Figure 3. Multiple sequence alignment of various orthologs of the Norrin protein at the positions of the novel missense changes (p.H50D, p.G113D, and p.C126R) demonstrates the evolutionarily conserved nature of the wild-type residues. The amino acid sequences of the Norrin orthologs (Homo sapiens, NP_000257.1; Macaca mulatta, NP_001253901.1; Bos taurus, NP_001039555.1; Python bivittatus, XP_007434018.1; Gallus gallus, NP_001265016.1; Mus musculus, NP_035013.1; Rattus norvegicus, NP_001102284.1; Felis catus, XP_004000470.1; Sus scrofa, NP_001106528.1; Lipotes vexillifer, XP_007457029.1; Erinaceus europaeus, XP_007528285.1; Monodelphis domestica, XP_007493375.1; Pteropus alecto, XP_006917969.1; Poecilia formosa, XP_007571466.1; Xenopus laevis, NP_001154869.1) were retrieved from the NCBI database.