Figure 5 of Jones, Mol Vis 2016; 22:472-490.

Figure 5. Scatterplot of biologic processes generated from differentially expressed genes. Gene Ontology (GO) terms from the differential gene expression lists were submitted to the REViGO web server. GO terms are represented by circles and are plotted according to similarity to other GO terms, and size is proportional to frequency of the GO term. Circle color defines the log10 p value (red is larger, blue is smaller). A: The retinal degenerate Royal College of Surgeons (RCSsham) versus wild-type Long Evans (LEsham) upregulated gene list produced several affected biologic processes. B: Only one process was identified in the downregulated gene list. C: The Royal College of Surgeons rats with a subretinal injection of human forebrain derived neural progenitor cells (RCShNPCs) versus RCSsham upregulated gene list identified three affected processes, and no processes from the downregulated gene set. Significance was accepted at a Benjamini-Hochberg p value of less than 0.01.