Table 4 of Dionne, Mol Vis 2016; 22:177-188.

Table 4. Comparison of key factors between methods.

Factors Luminex GenePix
Limit of Detection Lower limit of detection which is constant and set by the manufacturer. Limit of detection is calculated for each slide as a function of background intensity.
Reliability Quality Control checks, QC1 and QC2, provided by the manufacturer. However QC2 failed for 11/13 cytokines. Each array includes material to assist in optimization.
Standard Deviation Must load duplicates to determine standard deviation. Standard deviation, n=4, accounted for within the array.
Standard Curve Linearity was harder to achieve. All 13 cytokines had to be adjusted for outliers. Only 19/40 cytokines required adjustment for outliers to achieve linearity.
Binding Affinity Antibody affinity and magnetic interactions must be maintained. Only antibody affinity must be maintained.
Sample Prep Requires more sample manipulations. Requires less manipulations but longer wash steps.
Ease of Use User interface is straightforward. However, no optimization can be done to the scan. Scanning can be optimized for more reliable results.