Figure 1 of Call, Mol Vis 2016; 22:168-176.

Figure 1. Expression of Krt14 but not Krt15 within the developing meibomian gland. Ten-micron horizontal cryosections of the eyelid were examined for keratin 15 (Krt15) and Krt14 expression. Krt15 was found within the conjunctiva as well as the hair follicles at P4, P7, and P11. As expected, Krt14 was expressed in all stratified epithelia, including the epidermis, conjunctiva, hair follicles, and epithelia lining the central duct and acini of the meibomian glands. MG = meibomian gland; HF = hair follicle; EP = epidermis; CJ = conjunctiva.