Figure 1 of Li, Mol Vis 2016; 22:161-167.

Figure 1. Null mutations in LOXL3 identified in two probands with early-onset high myopia. A: Sequence chromatography and pedigrees of HM293 and HM407. Sequence changes detected in the patients with early-onset high myopia are presented in the left column, whereas healthy sequences appear in the right column. The sample from the mother in family HM407 was not available. M1, c.39dup; M2, c.594delG; +, wild-type. B, C, D: Fundus photos for both eyes of HM293II1 (B, C) and the left eye of HM427II1 (D) revealed myopic fundus with crescent and tigroid forms. The fundus photo for the right eye of HM427II1 is not available.