Figure 2 of Pan, Mol Vis 2016; 22:1421-1428.

Figure 2. vsx2 undergoes alternative splicing of exon 5. A: A graphic depiction of the long (vsx2-l) and short (vsx2-s) forms of vsx2 showing alternative 3′ splice site use in intron 4. The locations and sequences of the splice sites (arrow; red text) are indicated by their position relative to the exons (gray boxes) and intron (black lines). B: The splice site matrix scores of the splicing signals found in intron 4 according to the Neural Network (NN) and Alternative Splice Site Predictor (ASSP) bioinformatics programs. Both programs recognize vsx2-l as a strong 3′ splice site (high homology to consensus splicing signals) of intron 4 and vsx2-s as a weaker 3′ acceptor splice site (intermediate homology to splicing signals) for intron 4. ss, splice site.