Figure 6 of Sharma, Mol Vis 2015; 21:974-984.

Figure 6. Representative immunofluorescence images and the quantification graph showing the effect of vorinostat (2.5 µM), TGIF1, and TGIF2 siRNA knockdown on αSMA. Control human corneal fibroblast cultures (-TGFβ) showed no αSMA staining. Cultures treated with TGFβ1 (5 ng/ml) showed a robust αSMA staining. Vorinostat treatment markedly attenuated TGFβ-evoked αSMA staining. The knockdown of TGIF1 (+TGFβ+vorinostat+TGIF1siRNA) and TGIF2 alone (+TGFβ+vorinostat+TGIF2siRNA) or in combination (+TGFβ +vorinostat +TGIF1 +2siRNA) markedly blocked the effect of vorinostat on αSMA. Scale bar=100 μm. * p<0.001 compared to –TGFβ, Ψ p<0.001 compared to +TGFβ, # p<0.05 compared to +TGFβ+vorinostat.