Figure 4 of Asnaghi, Mol Vis 2015; 21:919-929.

Figure 4. Reduction in Twist1 decreases both growth and invasion in uveal melanoma cells. A: Twist1 mRNA levels were determined by qPCR in Mel290 and OMM1 cells transduced with Twist1 shRNA. Data shown are mean ± SD; *p = 0.01; ***p = 0.0001 versus sh-Scramble. B: An MTS assay shows a reduction in cell growth when the Twist1 expression was reduced in both cell lines, as compared to scramble shRNA; ***p = 0.0002 versus sh-Scramble. C: A transwell invasion assay reveals a significant reduction in the invasive capacity of Mel290 and OMM1 cells upon the downregulation of Twist1, compared to vector control. Microphotographs in the right panels show the invading cells on the lower surface of the Matrigel-coated filter after overnight incubation; ***p = 0.0001 versus sh-Scramble.