Figure 3 of Fuma, Mol Vis 2015; 21:883-892.

Figure 3. Photobiomodulation increased the expression level of phosphorylated MerTK but not phosphorylated FAK. FAK and MerTK expression was measured by western blot. The quantification of the expression of phosphorylated FAK and phosphorylated MerTK was corrected by β-actin and total MerTK, respectively. A: Oxidative stress reduced phosphorylated FAK expression, and photobiomodulation did not change the expression of phosphorylated FAK. NAC increased the expression of phosphorylated FAK. B: Oxidative stress also reduced the expression of phosphorylated MerTK, and both photobiomodulation and NAC increased the oxidative stress-induced reduction of phosphorylated MerTK expression. The data are expressed as means ± SEM (n=4–10) *p<0.05 versus the H2O2 only group. In this point, we performed the statistical analysis between H2O2 only treated group and photobimodulation group. PBM: photobiomodulation; NAC: N-acetylcysteine.