Figure 3 of Khan, Mol Vis 2015; 21:871-882.

Figure 3. Electroretinography recordings of family PKRP133. Scotopic −25 dB, scotopic 0 dB response, and photopic 0 dB 30Hz flicker response of A) OD and B) OS of individual 21; C) OD and D) OS of individual 30; E) OD and F) OS of individual 33 (examined at the age of 22 years); G) OD and H) OS of individual 33 (examined at the age of 24 years); I) OD and J) OS of unaffected individual 41. Affected individuals 21 and 30 manifest typical retinitis pigmentosa (RP) changes on electroretinography (ERG), including loss of the rod and cone responses, while the ERG readings of unaffected individuals 33 and 41 show normal rod and cone responses. OD=oculus dexter (right eye); OS=oculus sinister (left eye).