Table 1 of de Sousa Dias, Mol Vis 2015; 21:857-870.

Table 1. Previously identified genetic variants that were present in the 5 chimerical samples from Spanish families with adRP.

Chimerical sample Gene Variant Protein change
1 RHO c.119C>T p.Leu40Pro
PRPF31 c.735C>T None (c.735C>T)
IMPDH1 c.926G>C p.Arg309Pro
2 RHO c.644C>T p.Pro215Leu
IMPDH1 c.962C>T p.Ala321Val
CRX c.425A>G p.Try141Cys
3 RHO c.1040C>T p.Pro347Leu
PRPF8 c.6968_6988del21bp p.Val2325fsX2329
RP1 c.2115delA p.Lys705fsX712
4 PRFP31 c.669_770insA p.Lys257fsX277
PRPF3 c.1466C>A p.Ala489Asp
RP1 c.2038C>T p.Arg677X
5 RHO c.217_219delAAC p.Asn73del
PRPF31 c.328_330delATC p.Ile109del
PRPH2 c.641G>A p.Cys214Tyr