Figure 3 of Kjellström, Mol Vis 2015; 21:767-782.

Figure 3. AF images, color photographs, red-free photographs, and OCT examinations from subjects 14, 15, and 16. In subject 14 (AE), the AF image (A) demonstrates foci with mixed high and low AF signals in the macula and in the more peripheral parts of the posterior pole inside the vascular arcades. The fundus photographs (B and C) show pigmentary changes in the macula. The OCT B-scan (D) shows outer retinal disruption and some degree of edema, and there is thickening of the retina in the most central ring of the macular map (E). In subject 15, the AF image (F) shows some discrete hyperfluorescent spots superior to the macula, with corresponding subtle pigmentary changes on fundus photographs (G and H). The OCT B-scan is normal (I). On the retinal map (J), the outermost temporal segment is slightly thickened. Subject 16 (KM) has no changes on the AF image (K) or fundus photographs (L and M).