Figure 3 of Russo, Mol Vis 2015; 21:718-729.

Figure 3. Treatment with forskolin/homotaurine/L-carnosine prevents calpain activation following 1 h reperfusion. Immunoblotting shows the absence of effect of intravitreal treatment with (A) homotaurine and L-carnosine (Hom+Carn) or (B) forskolin alone on the typical increase of calpain-specific 150/145 kDa alfa-spectrin break down products (SBDPs) observed in the ischemic retina after 1 h of reperfusion. In contrast, intravitreal treatment with forskolin/homotaurine/L-carnosine association (B) significantly reduced calpain activation induced by retina ischemia/reperfusion after 1 h of reperfusion as shown by the reduced intensity of the 150/145 kDa SBDP bands. A representative immunoblot from three independent experiments is shown. Histograms show the results (expressed as mean ± SEM of three experiments) of the densitometric analysis of the autoradiographic bands relative to 150/145 SBDPs normalized to the value of actin and compared to the contralateral eye. (**p<0.01; ANOVA followed by Tukey-Kramer multiple comparisons test; C: control non-ischemic retina; I/R: ischemic retina; Hom: homotaurine; Carn: L-carnosine; FSK: forskolin; MW: molecular weight).