Figure 2 of Zeng, Mol Vis 2015; 21:688-698.

Figure 2. Fasudil promoted the healing of corneal epithelial defects after alkali burns. A: Representative images of the mice corneas with fluorescein staining after treatment with phosphate-buffered saline (PBS) or fasudil eye drops after alkali burns. B: The percentages of corneal epithelial defects were 22.21%±8.23%, 6.59%±3.27%, 11.50%±6.48%, and 13.90%±7.34% on day 4 and 4.20%±6.4%, 0%, 0%, and 0% on day 7 in the 30 μM, 100 μM, 300 μM, and 1000 μM fasudil groups. The corneal surfaces were re-epithelialized in all mice from day 10. So we don’t need to compare the difference after day 10.The percentages of corneal epithelial defects were 21.15%±9.21% and 8.60%±4.60% in the PBS group on days 4 and 7, respectively (n=15/group, * indicates p<0.05, ** indicates p<0.01).