Figure 1 of Zhang, Mol Vis 2015; 21:604-611.

Figure 1. IGFBP-3 overexpression inhibited eNOS, PKCzeta, and VEGF in REC cultured in high ambient glucose. In all experiments, REC cells were treated with IGFBP-3 NB plasmid in a medium containing normal glucose (NG-5mM) or in a high-glucose (HG-25 mM) medium. A: Western blot result of the phospho-eNOS/eNOS ratio; B: Western blot result of phospho-PKCzeta/PKCzeta; C: Western blot of VEGF levels. *p<0.05 versus NG control plasmid DNA transfection. #p<0.05 versus HG control plasmid DNA transfection. n=3. Data are mean ± SEM.