Figure 1 of Koppaka, Mol Vis 2015; 21:502-514.

Figure 1. Effect of TSA on cell-induced matrix reorganization. A-D: Maximum intensity projection images of corneal keratocytes following 4 days of culture within 3-D collagen matrices. Green: f-actin; red: collagen. A: Keratocytes in basal serum-free media (S-) with vehicle have a dendritic morphology and a membrane-associated f-actin distribution, and they do not induce a significant compaction of collagen ECM. B: Keratocytes in basal media containing TSA have a similar phenotype. C: TGFβ1 induces a contractile phenotype, as indicated by a loss of dendritic cell processes, the development of stress fibers, and local matrix compaction. D: Cells cultured in TGFβ1 and TSA are elongated and do not form stress fibers or induce ECM compaction. E: A quantitative analysis of cell-induced ECM reorganization was assessed by measuring a global matrix contraction. An increase in global matrix contraction was induced by TGFβ1 at both 1 and 4 days of culture, and this increase was inhibited by TSA (p<0.001; two-way repeated measures ANOVA). Measurements were performed in triplicate for each condition, and repeated 3 times.