Figure 6 of Sahu, Mol Vis 2015; 21:273-284.

Figure 6. Continuous ELM staining with anti-adherence junction marker in L-ORD mice homozygous for the rd8 mutation. AF are stained with anti-β-catenin. A, D: Retinal specimen from rd8 free wild-type control mouse (Wtwt/wt) at 9 months of age. B, E: Retinal specimen from a 5-month-old late-onset retinal degeneration (L-ORD) mouse lacking the rd8 mutation (Ctrp5+/−;wt/wt). C, F: Retinal specimen from a 12-month-old L-ORD mouse homozygous for the rd8 mutation (Ctrp5+/−;rd8/rd8). Continuous staining is observed across the ELM in all genotypes. The arrows indicate the ELM. Magnification bar=4 μm. ELM, external limiting membrane, ONL, outer nuclear layer, INL, internal nuclear layer.