Figure 1 of Sahu, Mol Vis 2015; 21:273-284.

Figure 1. Detection of the rd8 mutation with sequencing and agarose gel analysis. A: Sequence of the Crb1 locus showing the wild-type and the c.3481delC mutant allele in the homozygous state. The asterisk denotes the deletion. B: Agarose gel electrophoresis showing the migration of PCR amplicons for the rd8 locus from Wt mice (220 bp), mice heterozygous (244 bp and 220 bp) and homozygous (244 bp) for the rd8 mutation. The DNA ladder was included to indicate the size of amplicons. Wtwt/wt, Crb1 wild-type; Wtwt/rd8, heterozygous for the Crb1 mutation; Wtrd8/rd8, homozygous for the Crb1 mutation.