Figure 3 of Astakhova, Mol Vis 2015; 21:244-263.

Figure 3. Sample model fits to cone and rod flash responses. Flash: 2 ms, 519 nm. A: Carassius “green” cone, which exhibited maximum amplification. Average of 40 responses; effective intensity: 2.1 R*·μM−3. B: The Carassius “red” cone with the lowest amplification. Average of 24 responses; effective intensity: 25 R*·μM−3. Two alternative fits with drastically different parameters are shown to illustrate the ambiguity of an unrestrained model. Parameters of the fits are given in Table 4. C: Frog rod. Average of 10 responses; effective intensity: 0.028 R*·μM−3. Noisy lines: nonfiltered experimental responses; smooth lines: model fits with the parameters given in Table 2. The coefficient of correlation between the experimental and model curves in AC is between 0.995 and 0.997.