Figure 7 of Haque, Mol Vis 2015; 21:224-235.

Figure 7. Effect of miR-152 mimics (A) and HG (B) on the viability of hRECs. A: Cells were transfected with 20 nM of scrambled, miR-152 mimics, or 50 nM antagomirs for 24 h. B: Cells were transfected with miRNA mimics then incubated with HG (33 mM) before adding the CellTiter-Blue reagents; HG was added for the last 48 h. Cells treated with scrambled miRNA (NC) and 5.5 mM glucose (NG) were considered controls for Groups A and B, respectively. Cell viability was determined by the CellTiter Blue assay. Values are presented as mean ± SEM; n = 5 per group. Data were normalized to values in untreated control cells and plotted as a percentage of the control cell viability.