Figure 1 of Haque, Mol Vis 2015; 21:224-235.

Figure 1. Silencing of PRR and AT1R reduced the HG-induced upregulation of VEGF, VEGFR-2, and TGFβ1 in hRECs. Cells were transfected with 20 nM of PRR, AT1R, or control siRNA (scramble) for 24 h, followed by stimulation with 33 mM glucose for 48 h. The levels of each transcript, as measured by qRT-PCR, were normalized to that of the internal control Hprt. The ratio was then normalized to that of scramble control and was plotted as a percentage of control. n = 4, mean ± SEM **p<0.001 versus scramble, #p<0.001 versus Col. Two and Col. 7, §p<0.001 versus Col. Three and Col. 8, ¶p<0.001 versus Col. Four and Col. 9.