Figure 7 of Pak, Mol Vis 2015; 21:1281-1294.

Figure 7. Immunological dual staining of GS and recoverin. Primary antibody to glutamine synthetase (GS; 1:1,000) and recoverin (1:1,000) followed with secondary antibody Alexa Fluor goat anti-mouse 488 (1:500) and Alexa Fluor donkey anti-rabbit 568 (1:500), respectively, for immunohistochemical staining. A and B: Photoreceptors (red) are healthy and organized in the B6J and B6N retinas. C and D: Photoreceptors show disorganization and gaps between the outer segments in the Grk1−/−;B6J and Grk1−/−;B6N retinas. A and C: The OLM (green) is intact in the B6J and Grk1−/−;B6J retinas. B and D: The OLM disruption is apparent in GS staining in the B6N and Grk1−/−;B6N retinas (arrows). Nuclei and Müller cell projections extend toward the sub-retinal space where the OLM is disrupted (D, arrowhead). Images were taken at 2X zoom on a 40X objective lens (scale bar, 20 µm). NFL=nerve fiber layer; OLM=outer limiting membrane; ONL=outer nuclear layer.