Figure 3 of Pak, Mol Vis 2015; 21:1281-1294.

Figure 3. Comparison of nuclear organization between inferior (A-D) and superior (E-H) regions of 1 month retinas. Retinas were stained with To-Pro3 to visualize nuclear layers. B6J (A, E) and Grk1-/-;B6J (C, G) ONLs are organized in both the superior and inferior regions of the retina. B6N (B, F) and Grk1-/-;B6N (D, H) retinas exhibit disorganization and formation of holes (arrowheads) in the outer portion of the ONL in both the inferior and superior retinas. (Scale bar, 50 µm). ONL=outer nuclear layer; RPE=retinal pigment epithelium.