Figure 4 of Naeem, Mol Vis 2015; 21:1261-1271.

Figure 4. Sequence chromatograms of GRM6 gene variations identified in families PKRP170 and PKRP172. A: Unaffected individual 23 of PKRP170 homozygous for the wild-type; B: unaffected individual 21 of PKRP170 heterozygous carriers; and C: affected individual 22 of PKRP170 homozygous for the C to T termination in exon 6; c.1336C>T. D: Unaffected individual 15 of PKRP172 homozygous wild-type; E: unaffected individual 12 of the PKRP172 heterozygous carrier; and F: affected individual 16 of PKRP172 homozygous for a G to A transition in exon 9: c.2267G>A.