Figure 3 of Naeem, Mol Vis 2015; 21:1261-1271.

Figure 3. Electroretinogram responses of PKRP170 and PKRP172 family members. Scotopic −25 dB response, scotopic 0 dB response, and photopic 0 dB 30 Hz flicker response, of A: oculus dextrus (OD) and B: oculus sinister (OS) of affected individual 16 of PKRP170; C and D: OD and OS, respectively, of affected individual 14 of PKRP172; E and F: OD and OS, respectively of unaffected individual 15 of PKRP172. These recordings illustrate the absence of response measured at −25 dB and reduced b-waves in all affected individuals, while the 30 Hz flicker responses are indistinguishable when compared with the unaffected individual.