Figure 2 of Naeem, Mol Vis 2015; 21:1261-1271.

Figure 2. Fundus photographs of PKRP170 and PKRP172 family members. OD and OS of (A) affected individual 16 of PKRP170; (B) affected individual 14 of PKRP172; and (C) unaffected individual 15 of PKRP172. Fundus photographs of affected individuals in both the families show signs of tilted optic disc, while the macula and vasculature are normal. There are diffuse chorio-retinal atrophic changes involving the macula, equator and periphery. In contrast, the unaffected individual (normal night vision) exhibits mild chorio-retinal atrophic changes outside the arcades and the posterior pole. OD (oculus dextrus: right eye) and OS (oculus sinister: left eye).