Table 2 of King, Mol Vis 2015; 21:1235-1251.

Table 2. The predicted targets from the top 500 correlates of Rpe65 are listed in columns below for each of the five microRNAs found to correlate themselves with Rpe65.

Rpe65 Mir98 Mir449a mir301b mir28b
Camk2b Camk2b
Atp2b2 Atp2b2
Cfl2 Cfl2
Dlc1 Dlc1
Eif2c1 Eif2c1 Eif2c1
Nptx1 Nptx1 Nptx1 Nptx1
Pitpnm2 Pitpnm2
Ppp6r1 Ppp6r1
Psap Psap
Slc17a7 Slc17a7
Snx2 Snx2
Sub1 Sub1
Tet3 Tet3
Zbtb4 Zbtb4
Zcchc14 Zcchc14
2610507B11Rik 2610507B11Rik 2610507B11Rik
Abr Abr Abr
Ahsa2 Ahsa2 Ahsa2
Cacna2d2 Cacna2d2 Cacna2d2
Cntn2 Cntn2 Cntn2
Dcaf7 Dcaf7 Dcaf7
E2f5 E2f5 E2f5
Fbxo10 Fbxo10 Fbxo10
Mgat5b Mgat5b Mgat5b
Ndst1 Ndst1 Ndst1
Nrxn2 Nrxn2 Nrxn2
Pvrl1 Pvrl1 Pvrl1
Ret Ret Ret
Slc6a1 Slc6a1 Slc6a1
Tfdp2 Tfdp2 Tfdp2
Trim67 Trim67 Trim67
Usp31 Usp31 Usp31
Agap1 Agap1
Apba1 Apba1
Bsn Bsn
Fbxl14 Fbxl14
Insr Insr
Kcnc1 Kcnc1
Nsmce2 Nsmce2
Slc7a14 Slc7a14
Srebf2 Srebf2
Syt7 Syt7
Thbs1 Thbs1