Figure 5 of Chaiyasan, Mol Vis 2015; 21:1224-1234.

Figure 5. A proposed structural model for LCDNs. CS is indicated by green lines. DS is shown by blue lines. Lutein is shown by orange lines. PEG-400 is in pink lines. LCDN contains CS, DS, and lutein. LCDN-P consists of CS, DS, lutein, and PEG400. LCDN-E is composed of CS, DS, and lutein. (EDC is not shown, as it is removed upon washing of the nanoparticles.) LCDN-PE is composed of CS, DS, PEG400, and lutein. Lutein is incorporated into the polymer matrix and entrapped in CDNs via hydrophobic interactions and/or hydrogen bonding. PEG400 is located around the particle surface and is postulated to interact with lutein.