Figure 2 of Park, Mol Vis 2015; 21:1201-1209.

Figure 2. Slit lamp photography of patients with MCD. A, B: A 15-year-old female carrying p.Arg205Trp/p.L264Cfs*117 in the CHST6 gene (patient 6) revealed diffuse ground-glass-like stromal haze and multiple gray-white opacities with irregular borders. Arrows (B) indicate newly developed opacities three years after initial diagnosis (A). The patient complained of severe photophobia, which required penetrating keratoplasty in her left eye. C: A 19-year-old female carrying p.Ser118Phe/p.Tyr358His in the CHST6 gene (patient 5–2) shows coalescence of individual stromal opacities. The absence of clear areas between corneal opacities is a characteristic finding, unlike granular dystrophy. D: A 44-year-old male carrying p.Pro186Arg/p.Arg205Trp in the CHST6 gene (patient 3) has multiple, irregular, gray-white opacities extending to the limbus in both eyes.