Table 5 of Le Guezennec, Mol Vis 2015; 21:1151-1161.

Table 5. Analysis of approximate reagent cost per sample with conventional and DA-Bead method.

Number of standards 7
Number of Blanks 1
Number of quality controls 2
Replicates for non experimental samples 2
Total wells for non samples 20
Number of patient samples 25
No of patient well replicates 3
Total wells for patient samples 75
Total number of wells used 95
Cost per plate of one conventional Luminex(4 cytokines) plate method 1083 US$ #
Cost per plate of Luminex reagents(4 cytokines) using DA-Bead method 216 US$ #
Cost per patient (Conventional Luminex; A) 43 US$ ##
Cost per patient (DA-Bead Luminex; B) 9 US$
Savings (A-B) 34 US$
%Savings 80%