Table 4 of Nasir, Mol Vis 2014; 20:822-835.

Table 4. Effect of topical tocotrienol microemulsion (TTE) in different concentrations on lens MDA, GSH, CAT and SOD. (Study 1: dose–response study using microemulsion formulation).

Groups Lens MDA (µmol/g lens weight) Lens GSH (µmol/g lens weight) Lens CAT (µmol/g lens protein) Lens SOD (Units/mg lens protein)
Normal 60.26±7.1 5.00±1.4 86.63±26.9 9.41±1.8
Vehicle 81.24±12.8 a 0.48±0.1a 36.73±14.4a 5.86±0.5a, c
0.2% TTE 93.48±8.4 a 0.53±0.1a 45.44±22.1a 3.40±0.8a
0.1% TTE 82.65±8.3 a, c 0.65±0.3a 55.29±5.2a 5.63±1.6a, c
0.05% TTE 73.40±10.9 a, c 0.71±0.3a, b 71.89±26.0b,c,d 7.14±3.2c
0.03% TTE 53.04±15.2 b, c, d, e, f 1.02±0.5a, b, c 85.12±13.9b, c, d, f 10.13±3.0b, c, d
0.02% TTE 59.77±17.4b, c, d, f 1.00±0.5a, b, c 85.18±22.7b, c, d, f 10.0±1.5b, c, d
0.01% TTE 79.68±15.2a 0.85±0.3a, b. c 58.62±6.7 a, b, c 7.5±2.9b, c, d