Figure 2 of Pan, Mol Vis 2014; 20:770-779.

Figure 2. Identification of mutations in other retinitis pigmentosa–related genes in the five corresponding families. A: IMPDH1 c.823G>A (p.D275N) mutation in family 04. B: RP1 c.2342C>G (p. S781*) mutation in family 05. C: RHO c.1040C>T (p.P347L) mutation in family 06. D: RP2 c.409_411del (p.Ile137del) mutation in family 07. E: RP2 c.193C>T (p.Q65*) mutation in family 08. Men and women are symbolized by squares and circles, and slashed symbols denote that the subject is deceased. Affected and unaffected members are represented by filled and open symbols, respectively, while a question mark stands for an unclear physical condition. Arrows point to the probands, and asterisks indicate the subjects who participated in our study.