Table 1 of Buonfiglio, Mol Vis 2014; 20:742-752.

Table 1. TaqMan Gene Expression Assays used in the study.

Target genes TaqMan gene expression assay RefSeq
Clock Rn00573120_m1 NM_021856.1
Bmal1 Rn00577590_m1 NM_024362.2
Per1 Rn01496757_m1 NM_001034125.1
Per2 Rn01427704_m1 NM_031678.1
Cry1 Rn01649292_m1 NM_198750.2
Cry2 Rn00591457_m1 NM_133405.1
Rorβ Rn01451215_m1 NM_001270958
RevErbα Rn00595671_m1 NM_145775.1
Aanat Rn00563117_m1 NM_012818.1
c-fos Rn02396759_m1 NM_022197.1