Figure 4 of Koudouna, Mol Vis 2014; 20:638-648.

Figure 4. Representative collagen VI assemblies showing pairs of transverse double bands. A, B, and C: Representative collagen VI assemblies found in the human trabecular meshwork during this study (scale bars = 100 nm). The boxed regions in A, B, and C are magnified in D, E, and F (scale bars = 100 nm). G, H, and I: A magnified view and profile density plot of the boxed regions in D, E, and F (scale bars = 50 nm). The horizontal axis of the plots corresponds to distance along the long axis of the rectangular selections. The density profile was obtained by integrating the electron density in the rectangular selection along a vertical path. Arrows indicate peaks on the profile plots that correspond to the dark double transverse band of collagen VI assemblies.