Table 6 of Zhang, Mol Vis 2014; 20:56-72.

Table 6. Selected under-expressed Smarca4-regulated RPE genes that were not differentially expressed in the retina revealed potential biologic insights on the morphological defects.

Biological comparison Potentially relevant biologic functions
Smarca4/WT RPE expression fold change* Cytoskeletal dynamics/ melanosomes formation/ membrane trafficking Secreted/extracellular signals Intracellular signal transducers Other
<1 (under-expressed in smarca4 RPE) si:ch211–87l2.1, fancl, magi2, map2k1, myl12.2, nav2b, pacrg, pdcl3, ppp1r12a, sec23ip, smarca2, tubb5 adam9, bmp8a, gdnf ghdc, guk1a, gsk3b, map2k1, ppp1r12a, spdya, tcf7l1a phyh