Figure 5 of Kolko, Mol Vis 2014; 20:511-521.

Figure 5. Inhibitors of phospholipases A2 (iPLA2) decreased sodium iodate-induced cell death more significantly in nonconfluent retinal pigment epithelium cells compared to confluent cells. Inhibitors of iPLA2-VIA (BEL, FKGK-11, AACOCF3) and cPLA2-IVA (CAY10502, AACOCF3) were added to ARPE-19 cells exposed to 1 mM for 24 h. All inhibitors protected against cell death in nonconfluent cells, whereas only CAY10502 and AACOCF3 elicited protection in confluent cells. * indicates p<0.05; ** indicates p<0.01; *** indicates p<0.001. Error bars are presented as ± SEM (n=3 for all conditions).