Figure 5 of Ma, Mol Vis 2014; 20:468-479.

Figure 5. Immunoconfocal microscopy for p63 (AD), ABCG2 (EH), laminin-5 (IL), and fibronectin (MP). In all patients, staining for p63 and ABCG2 is invariably negative (AD, EH; inserts in D and H: positive staining of p63 and ABCG2 in the normal limbus). In all four patients, homogenous, linear staining of laminin-5 in the epithelial basement membrane (EBM) zone is evident (IL). Finally, linear fibronectin staining is evident along the EBM in Patients 1 to 3, with only sparse staining in the stroma (MO). Staining of fibronectin in the EBM zone is absent in Patient 4; however, scattered staining is seen in the stroma (P).